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Retailers and suppliers around the world rely on CORE to digitise their supply chains, benefiting from our supply chain management, customs classification and sustainability solutions and services

Our team at the London Chamber of Commerce CORE team at the London Chamber of Commerce and industry event 2019

CORE started from modest beginnings providing boutique services to some of the most visionary pioneers in retail and logistics. Over twenty years ago, we began as a small passionate team developing Purchase Order Line visibility systems to global importers. Today we are positioned as a leading supplier in the digitalisation of global supply chains.

CORE offers retailers large or small the opportunity to work with a trusted supplier where understanding each other's business drivers and ethos are key factors in achieving their goals.

We have delivered innovative supply chain management and visibility solutions to an extensive list of organisations across a range of industries.


Suppliview™ is a leading supply chain information management & visibility system.

TariffTel™ delivers high volume Customs Classification management systems and services.

Leaf™ is a platform to support retail organisations in their pursuit of sustainable trading.