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Logistics deal

Our solutions and associated services are firmly based on understanding clients' business demands and drivers, such that we provide highly valued skills and resource extensions to many of our client's business processing environments.

Our solutions are highly configurable, adapting in function easily to meet changing business environments and in performance and scale by employing virtualisation and cloud technology infrastructure.

Toy Retailer - United Kingdom & Hong Kong

It's not child's play, but with a committed team and a sophisticated software solution this retailer can meet the demands of its stores with confidence.

Vendor management is at the forefront of supply chain integration. By extending the system into the vendor management process this retailer gained early insight into potential problems. This was achieved through the integration of the retailer's overseas QC team and third-party inspection houses, providing online booking and packing list interfaces, KPI and vendor follow up.

Car Manufacturer - Europe and Japan

Customs authorities don't tolerate mistakes! The Outbound Processing Relief system solution provided for this Japanese car manufacturer is as precision made as their cars.

Vehicles imported from outside the EU containing engine parts manufactured in Europe provide an opportunity to claim relief on import duty that could not be missed - provided you've got the right tool, licensed by customs, that is.

High Street Fashion Retailer - United Kingdom, Ireland & Europe

The volumes are stratospheric! So, the solution needs to be out of this world.

When the number of containers at the port has a footprint the size of a small town, the systems' performance needs to match. With our experience in handling high data volumes, we know that exception reporting, proactive alerting and all-party integration is key.

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