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Incorporating freight forwarding, transportation and distribution, customs classification and sustainability initiatives, we can partially or fully integrate our technology in to your supply chain. Our solutions are highly configurable and scalable to meet changing business environments by employing virtualisation and cloud technology infrastructure.



A leading supply chain information management and visibility system that optimises lead times and inventory levels, increases forecast accuracy and improves delivery reliability.

Management and control of your upstream supply chain is critical given the complexity of sourcing, raw materials management and vendor management. Suppliview can be your complete global inbound supply chain visibility solution.

Furthermore, it can integrate with sections of your supply chain to suit your requirements through our product modules.

Supply chain management logo

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

provides end-to-end design and implementation of global inbound visibility from origin suppliers to destination distribution centres. Our independent platform allows importers to enjoy optimised supply chains and visibility across multiple partners and transport modes without being commercially or technically committed to a single Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL). All partners in your supply chain benefit from the immediate transfer of accurate information, supported by targeted exception alerts, reports and dashboards.
Freight Connect

Freight Connect (FC)

is a tool to enable freight managers (FMs) i.e. freight forwarders and 3PLs with limited or no SCM system whatsoever, to integrate systematically with Suppliview SCM. FMs with sophisticated supply chain management systems can also leverage our FMC tool to remove the need for, or reduce the level of, customisation and thereby reduce the integration timeframe.
Supplier Connect

Supplier Connect (SC)

enables stricter supplier controls and transparency of your shipment booking process that increases discipline, performance and agility. VMC functionality includes pre-production forecasts, suppliers packing list creation, self-invoicing and PO reconciliation . VMC resolves issues with invoice accuracy, fraud, and customs clearance, leading to stringent cost management and elimination of discrepancies and disputes.
Customs Connect

Customs Connect (CC)

receives shipment and other transactional data from Suppliview, TariffTel and a range of 3rd party systems, enabling the systematic integration to customs entry systems such as MIC, Descartes, Ricardo etc. Compliance and expedited customs clearance is guaranteed by overcoming manual processes, human errors and resources, which eradicates paying incorrect duty amounts.


Customs classification is the process of determining the correct tariff code for imported and exported goods. Classification of goods has an impact on customs duties, excise duties, import VAT etc. Companies often neglect classification, which might result in non-compliance and significant costs, e.g. wrong amount of duty being paid or improper use of free trade agreements.

Our outsourced classification service reduces costs and guarantees compliance, through flexible classification solutions, intelligent automation and secure integration. TariffTel is an innovative online customs classification and management solution, that classifies and determines the standard country specific duty rate. TariffTel can be used in a variety of ways and be implemented globally based on the size of your company and the resources you have available.

TariffTel Essentials

TariffTel Essentials

An easy to use online tool to quickly classify your products and determine the standard and country specific duty rates.
TariffTel Premium

TariffTel Premium

Manage and classify your product database online using our TariffTel Premium system;
  • Load products from Excel.
  • Update and classify in bulk.
  • Integrate with your systems with EDI.
TariffTel Enterprise

TariffTel Enterprise

Engages with your suppliers, and other third parties, to obtain information on products to ensure the correct classification, including variations by product size, net weight, fabric composition, product images and other supporting documentation (certificate of origin/compliance, Martindale test results etc). In addition, TariffTel captures unit costs (including those at product set item level), country of origin, country of manufacture and country of origin of fibres within a fabric.

For international e-commerce business TariffTel gives you quicker and compliant entry into new markets / countries. Avoid surprise extra fees for your customers such as import taxes, duties and customs processing. Plus reduce customs delays, demurrage and storage charges.


Leaf was born from our aspiration to support retailers in their inevitable drive to improve the sustainability of their manufacturing and supply chains. Leaf is a software solution that strives to illustrate the current environmental impacts of a retailer’s supply chain, including their CO2e emissions, water usage, waste management, and toxic chemical usage. Our software solution enables retailers to track the positive impact of their sustainable initiatives.

Our stream-lined process, design, analysis, and IT infrastructure make it easy to understand the environmental impacts of each stage of your supply chain.

Leaf is provided as a cloud based SaaS solution. Once you have integrated with Leaf, it is simple to identify and obtain information directly through the Leaf supplier Engagement Portal. We also offer a comprehensive end-to-end service involving implementation, support, and systems integration.

What we offer

What we offer

Leaf offers our clients the opportunity to work with a trusted supplier where understanding each other’s business drivers and ethos are key factors in producing a successful solution, promoting corporate engagement & awareness.
How we help

How we help

Our technology and best practice sharing has helped our customers become signatories to sustainable initiatives, enabling them to share their commitment and progress in a more public and open way.
What we measure

What we measure

We capture and receive data directly and through integration with stakeholders from suppliers to logistics providers & carriers, and 3rd parties, including non-profit organisations.

Case study

MOL Triumph (Example)
TEU Capacity 20170 TEU
@70% Average Utilisation 14119 TEU
Shanghai to Rotterdam 20,000 KM
Asia to-from North Europe (CO2g/TEU/KM) 27.5
CO2 (Kg) 7,765,450.00
Density of CO2 = 1.98 kg/CBM
This would fill a hot air balloon with a diameter of: 196 metres

A container ship, importing goods into the UK from Shanghai, will produce 7,800,000 kg of CO2.

Enough CO2 to fill a very large balloon!