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Our solutions and associated services are firmly based on understanding clients' business demands and drivers, such that we provide highly valued skills and resource extensions to many of our client's business processing environments.

We can deliver tailored database solutions using a system framework that we have been continuously developing for over a decade. Our framework has inherent functionality, like analytics, reporting, document management and alerting, aspects that may be prohibitively expensive when commissioning purely bespoke software.

Our solutions are highly configurable, adapting in function easily to meet changing business environments and in performance and scale by employing virtualisation and cloud based infrastructure.

We don't do bespoke software, we do bespoke solutions. Using our proprietary framework to deliver solutions, the result is robust and polished.

Examples of where we can help.

Business Systems Integration

Our services provide integration from one partner to another and between key business processes, both internally and externally. We understand the need to automate the processes that ocur between companies, to coordinate with partners to streamline operations and smooth transactions between them.

Business Integration
Business Process Mapping and Execution

With a framework of sophisticated business objects, process events and a design architecture allowing for rapid creation of new integrated entities, we can provide tailored solutions on demand.

Business Intelligence

To find and utilize information that has a significant impact on your company is one of the greatest competitive advantages a company can have. Our experts in conjunction with our OLAP technology, reporting tools and dashboards, analyse and visualize information to help you reach insights, draw conclusions, make decisions, and communicate findings and results.

Supply chains can be huge with many business processes, both internally and with external parties. A system capable of supporting complex extended supply chains needs to be multi-facetted and adaptable. Over time our solutions have been employed to solve many specific problems in the extended supply chain, here are just a few:

Quality Control and Inspection Management

Auto assignment of inspection requirements against product, weighted according to risk, product age or supplier and other drivers. Inspection house assignment and notification. Identity critical inspection requirements against shipping date.

Non Conformance Management

The recording and reporting of damages, poor packaging, miss-labelling and other non conformance issues. Providing the means to attach supporting evidence by uploading images and scanned documentation.

Outbound Processing Relief

The management of duty relief claims on imported products that have been assembled from parts originally manufactured and exported from the EU.

Premium Freight Authorisation

Allows importers to manage and request authorisation for premium modes of transport for Air, Sea-Air and Express/Courier freight between their suppliers and logistics providers.

Garment Re-Processing

the management and control of alterations of products prior to sale. Including price alteration, pressing, re-packaging, quality assessment and re-work. It shows the value of the stock prior to re-processing, the cost of the re-processing work and the value following re-work.

Bar Code

Label printing at overseas factories and consolidation centres to reduce time and cost at destination.

Asset Tracking

Management and tracking of serialised washroom assets for the purpose of installation, replenishment and service intervals.

Suppl-i-view™ is our leading supply chain information management and visibility system for the Transportation and logistics industries.

For the Importer/Exporter

If your organisation needs comprehensive visibility into order, shipment and inventory across all aspects of your business and wish to achieve much more value around shipment resolution and supply chain improvement our solutions can help you.
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For the 3PL or Forwarder

If your organisation is a world class logistics company, providing end-to-end design and implementation of complete supply chain solutions, covering freight forwarding, transportation and distribution management, our solutions will be of interest to you/our system could help you.
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