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Transportation & Logistics

If your organisation is a world class logistics company, providing end-to-end design and implementation of complete supply chain solution, covering freight forwarding, transportation and distribution management, our solutions will be of interest to you.

We can help you provide your customers with a solution tailored to their specific needs. Our solution is highly configurable and flexible with a database of sophisticated business objects and process events, enabling management of the most complex supply chains. We can meet your current requirements and adapt as your customer's business and requirements evolve.

We have worked with many of the world's top retailers and Organisations. Every day we acquire knowledge and transfer capability across our global solutions. The experience we gain can help you unlock the value in your customers supply chain.

Our client base includes industry leading 3PLs such as CEVA Logistics and Agility. In 2011/12 our supply chain system provided visibility and management of over 160,000 TEUs of products spanning 51 countries.

Gain access to turn-key functionality like non conformance management and reporting, airfreight and light load authorisations management. Offer your customers tariff code and customs description integration with their products via our tariff classification management software TariffTel.

We can offer 3PLs solutions with some of the following:

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