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Where we can help

Your organisation maintains a spreadsheet of parts, products or serialised items. the sheet has many columns and the information is obtained from multiple sources, both internally and externally.

Often a copy is emailed to each party to be updated then consolidated on return into the master sheet. The manual integration of several instances of the same sheet often leads to mistakes and the required time and effort reduces the update frequency to less than desirable.

We can provide hosted database solutions to these problems in a matter of weeks. Further value can be added by interfacing with your business system and partners' systems. Being hosted, affords selective visibility to your whole organisation ensuring transparency and knowledge transfer.

We offer a comprehensive SLA solution, which covers the whole service with guaranteed application availability.

Your organisation invested in a bespoke business system that took years to design, develop and implement. One that was built to your exact requirements. One that was meant to last...

Unfortunately, as soon as it was delivered, technically and functionality it began to become obsolete. Businesses and technology both change rapidly and you need to have a plan to address these two issues.

Our solutions are delivered by a common framework shared across may application systems. This means that is it continually being enhanced and aligned with the latest technologies in security and infrastructure. Your system will never become technically obsolete.

One less thing to worry about - but what about the business? It changes constantly and the demands for new functionality and changes to existing systems is insatiable. We always have the resources available to deliver new functionality quickly and our service orientated approach (SOA) enables you to incorporate commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software into your overall solution/strategy, thereby providing your organisation with best-of-class functionality.

Legacy functionality, that continues to provide utility, can be "wrapped" with a web service layer and "plugged" into the new SOA. By breaking the dependency on the underlying architecture, your company can take a phased approach to system migration, a considerably lower risk to a 'rip and replace' strategy.

Business systems are often single-purposed and the data resides in silos, making it difficult to share data and interoperate with other systems within your company and extended enterprise.

Enhancements can be difficult or lengthy, making even simple changes to business processes require rework in multiple systems. this creates an environment where evolving requirements are met by 'tacked on' spreadsheet functionality, often put together by individuals or commissioned at department level. Sparse documentation hinders knowledge transfer and these 'systems' do not integrate well.

Supplement your core business systems with our solutions to ensure these enhancements are well documented and can integrate with you and your partners' systems.

We can develop tailored database solutions and provide functionality inherent to our framework, like analytics, reporting, document management and alerting, aspects that may be prohibitively expensive in a purely bespoke software.

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